SERB Directory

Mailing Address:

State Employment Relations Board
65 East State Street, Suite 1200
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4213

Phone: (614) 644-8573
FAX: (614) 466-3074



We thank you for your interest in contacting Ohio's State Employment Relations Board (SERB).  SERB only provides services to state and local government employees and employers related to organized labor issues.  If you are employed by a private company or organization and have a labor question, please consider contacting the U.S. Department of Labor (614/469-5677) or the National Labor Relations Board (513/684-3696).  If you do have questions related to Ohio state or local government organized labor issues, please contact siversen@serb.state.oh.us.


    Board Members (614) 466-3206
  • N. Eugene Brundige- Chairperson
  • Michael G. Verich - Vice Chairperson

   Executive Director (614) 466-3013

General Counsel's Office & Asst. Executive Director

(614) 466-3014

    Bureau of Mediation (614) 644-8716
    Clerks Office (614) 644-8573
    Administrative Services (614) 466-3858
    Hearings Section (614) 644-8688
    Investigations Section (614) 466-2296
    Representation Section (614) 466-2961
    Research and Training Section (614) 466-2963